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"Keeping yourself grounded with roots so deep, grow stronger and flow along as you breathe."

- Neha Racca


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Thu 16 Jul 2020

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Grounding With Gratitude Focussing On Mooladhara By Neha Racca

About the Session

This session will lead you through an asana practice to physically and mentally ground you, even when any form of Stress surrounds you. Helping you to bring in balance and strength inside-out. This will be followed by a meditation technique aimed at keeping the body’s core chakras — centers of energy — open, aligned, and fluid, helping to balance the Mooladhara chakra.

About  the Presenter

Neha Racca, is the Founder of Itiyoga - A Better Way Of Life (An initiative to spread and share traditional knowledge of yoga around the globe to be more practical in daily life for all). Her passion in Yoga started at the age of 8 and continues to grow everyday. She completed her M.Sc in Yoga from S-VYASA in 2005, E-RYT500 hrs from yoga alliance. Neha is also Stress Management Coach, Yoga And Psycho Therapist and Pranic Healer. She has travelled to USA, Baharain, Vietnam, Nepal, Mauritius and Maldives to teach Yogic Tradition and lifestyle. She has been Yoga Ambassador of India from 2015 to 2018. A TEDx Speaker, Neha is passionate about sharing the magic of yoga to bring happiness in everyone's lives. www.itiyoga.com

For Registration

It is a free and open event. Please use the following link for registration


Kindly note

This is the common link for all the 7-8 AM  (IST) sessions.  If you have already registered once for the morning session, you need not re-register.

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