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"When you fully belong to yourself you can securely belong in a relationship."

- Sujata Ameya


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Thu 30 Jul 2020

7:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Relationship: A Mirror & A Path To The Self by Sujata Ameya

About the Session

The search for relationship is a disguised search for the self. When you fully belong to yourself you can securely belong in a relationship. Conflict in any relationship serves as a catalyst for self-discovery. Heartbreak in an intimate relationship unlocks a profound opportunity for Self-actualization. Purpose does not reveal itself as a grand epiphany, it unfolds slowly, one choice at a time. This session will explore these facets around relationships paving way for self-discovery.

About the Speaker

Sujata Ameya is a relationship and self-actualization coach who enables partners in a threshold marriage to reconnect consciously or disengage gracefully, and transition powerfully. Sujata holds an M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology from NIMHANS, Bengaluru, and has maintained a private practice in Hyderabad, India for 28+ years. With a transpersonal and integrative approach to psychotherapy, Sujata has helped over 14000 clients (individuals, couples, families, and groups) to use ‘conflict as a catalyst for self-discovery’, and to ‘journey through the trauma of separation as a path to self-actualization’. Based on her extensive clinical experience, Sujata has designed the ‘Art & Science of the Beloved’, a signature workshop that guides participants to playfully discover how they show up in relationships, while enabling them to discern if they require therapeutic intervention. Sujata is the author of “When the Beloved Calls”, a book of poems and artwork based on her personal experience.


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