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"Siddha is one of the oldest holistic systems of medicine in the world."

- Dr. R. Vetrivenden


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Thu 23 Jul 2020

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Thirumoolar Siddha Yogam – The Yoga of Siddha Tradition by R Vetrivendan

About the Session

Siddha system of medicine is the oldest traditional medicine which offers holistic way of treatment which includes medicine, diet, yoga and pranayama with understanding of chakras and kundalini.

About the Presenter

Dr. R Vetrivendan graduated in siddha system of medicine from Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University Chennai, and post graduated in MSc Yoga therapy from Tamilnadu Physical education and Sports university and did research in yoga from SVYASA University Bangalore. He has presented research papers in Yoga and allied sciences in national and international conferences, in India and abroad.

For Registration

It is a free and open event. Please use the following link for registration


Kindly note

This is the common link for all the 7-8 AM (IST) sessions. If you have already registered once for the morning session, you need not re-register.

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