Launch of Yogacharya Alliance

We are pleased to announce the establishment of world’s first alliance of yoga practitioners who have already completed a 200 Hour Teacher Training Program and are now seeking to expand their practice beyond Asanas.


Indic Academy recently established a Center for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation (CCSIT) with a focus on developing and offering four advanced courses in Entrepreneurship, Executive coaching, Yoga and Vedanta.

At CCSIT we believe practice of Hatha Yoga is an important first step towards Well-being & Liberation. In addition to Asanas, one’s practice has to include other steps such as Mantras to Mindfulness, Sanskrit to Shastras etc. Such a holistic practice and study undertaken as a residential programme, combining the science of Ayurveda with the wisdom of Vedanta will bring about a complete inner transformation. A true Yogacharya – an authentic Yoga teacher, a scholar-practitioner of the science of well-being and a qualified seeker of liberation will then emerge.

As a prelude to launching our residential Yogacharya programme later this year, we are pleased to announce the launch of “Yogacharya Alliance” (YA) a global network of yoga practitioners, teachers, scholars and institutions who hold the ideal of a Yogacharya as a higher aspiration than a regular teacher training course. Membership of this alliance is only open who those who believe in

  • Honouring the roots and cultural context of the origins of Yoga
  • Upholding the physical, psychological, ethical, intellectual and spiritual integrity of Yoga practice and teaching
  • Offering authentic, immersive and transformative Yoga, training, products, services and experiences


We bring together vast resources and experience through our global network of dedicated teachers, mentors, professionals, scholars and experts from multiple domains including Yoga shastra, Veda & Vedantic studies, Ayurveda, Wellness & Mindfulness, Therapy & Counselling etc.

As a first step to establishing the Yogacharya Alliance we extend an open invitation to all qualified yoga teachers who share the above vision and values to become members of this alliance.

As the membership of this Alliance reaches a critical mass it is envisaged a separate trust will be established with a seed capital contribution by Indic Academy. The said trust will be run independently and have its own governance structure. A few venerable members of the Yoga fraternity will initially be designated as honorary Yogacharyas and under their guidance a standard for evaluation and certification for a Yogacharya will be established. It is envisioned that this body will become a premier certification agency in the field of Yoga for the highest level of proficiency. All the students of Indic Academy’s CCSITs proposed Yogacharya programme will also have to be certified by this body.

Practitioners who seek to become members of this alliance may please write to us at Applicants will be informed of their admission as members of this Alliance after a review by our internal panel.

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