Global Festival of Yoga-2021

Indica Yoga is pleased to  launch the second edition of the Global Festival of Yoga 2021 on the International Day of Yoga on 21st June. We have planned a month-long calendar of events that will focus on yoga as a tool for Healing, Well-Being and Wisdom.

Our pandemic-affected world has been dealing with illness, emotional upheaval, mental anguish and death. To offer a solution to this suffering, our theme for this year’s festival is Healing, Well-Being and Wisdom, as we believe that yoga, ayurveda, nutrition and the wisdom from our scriptures are effective solutions that work on a physical, mental and emotional level. We will be conducting two sessions a day at 7 am IST and 7 pm IST, and we’ve invited a panel of experts in the field  of yoga, ayurveda and healing to conduct these sessions.

This year, we’re making a conscious effort to focus on diet and nutrition, and we support the plant-based food movement. Diet is an essential part of yoga practice and a plant-based, sattvic diet complements spiritual practices and nourishes the mind and body. We’ve included pioneers of the plant-based food movement from India and abroad in our sessions, and we hope to encourage people to start thinking of food as medicine (delicious medicine) and as a means to transform their health.

We encourage you to join us in these sessions as they will offer practical tools to deal with any loss or suffering you might have felt in the past year. Our morning sessions will be practise-based so you can use what you learn in daily life to achieve better health, emotional stability and a calm mind. Our evening sessions are ideal for people who wish to deepen their knowledge about yoga.

We’re all connected to one another and this pandemic has proved that we are responsible for each other’s well-being. We invite you all to join us for our second edition of the Global Festival of Yoga, so we can all heal together with the wisdom of yoga and give ourselves the gift of wellness and good health.

Join us for the inaugural session on 21st June at 7 pm IST.

Stay tuned for a complete list of each session and the teachers who will be conducting them. 


  1. To inform and educate the global yoga community of how the practice of yoga, ayurveda and nutrition can transform our lives and our health.
  2. To offer yoga practitioners and non -practitioners inspiration to include these practices in their daily lives.
  3. To unite the Indian and global yoga communities by being a platform where everyone can share their knowledge and learning.

Note for participating teachers and lecturers:

The practice and theory session will be conducted and delivered in the form of demonstrations, lectures, led classes, and we will also include led chanting, kirtan and mantra sessions.

Starting from:  21st June to 18th July, Time: 7-8 am IST and 7-8 pm IST (Everyday)

* Opening day session timing: 7-8 pm IST on 21st June (Evening)

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