Scholarships for Vedic Chanting Course by Shantala Sriramaiah

Indic Academy is pleased to announce 6 scholarships worth 290 Euros each, for women yoga practitioners to learn Vedic Chanting from Shantala Sriramaiah. ( 

One of the initiatives of the recently launched Center for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation is to develop the curriculum and offer a Yogacharya course. Such a course is meant for serious practitioners and for those who have completed a teacher training program from other institutes. The curriculum envisaged will include Vedic Chanting, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Yoga Sutras, Gita,Bhajans etc amongst other topics. It will be a residential program with a daily schedule that will enable inner transformation. As a precursor to such a program, we are pleased to announce a series of short term courses in collaboration with specialists from different fields mentioned above.

Our first such course is in collaboration with Shantala Sriramaiah on Vedic Chanting. Shantala teaches Veda recitation to an international community in Brussels and globally through her online platform and classes. Born and raised in Bangalore, India, Shantala is an Engineer by qualification and enjoyed a 20-year career specializing in Learning & Development before making the change to Veda chanting classes. Her teaching draws from her previous experience, bringing structure, detail and clear methodology to all the classes & courses. She has developed a unique system to accurately and completely transmit all the nuances of Vedic phonetics to help support students learn without error. She is a student of Sri M. S. Sreenivasan of The Challakere Brothers who has been guiding her Veda recitation practice and mentoring her teaching.

The courses for which the scholarships offered are 

A. Veda Chanting – A comprehensive initiation

B. Invocatory Prayers 

Students are also expected to complete the free course ‘ Veda Chanting – Essentials’ before they undertake the above two courses. For the shortlisted students, Shantala will conduct one initiation and one wrap up class. She will also evaluate two recordings sent by the students.Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a joint certificate from Veda Studies and Indic Academy.

Interested women yoga practitioners may write to by 20th March with the subject line ‘Vedic Chanting’

Students will be shortlisted after an interview by Sri Vinayachandra, Director Indica Yoga and CCSIT – Yogacharya Program