The Healing Power of Yoga

Yoga Teacher and founder of Satori, Iti Jain’s yoga journey may have begun to heal from trauma and anxiety but the practice soon became a way of life for her. She founded Satori to share her learnings and ideas with city dwellers so they have a space where they can unwind from the stress and anxiety of daily life. Iti shares her spiritual experiences and life lessons with the Center for Yoga Studies…

Sophia: Tell us how your spiritual journey began?

Iti: An episode in life left me depressed and I had serious anxiety issues. Getting through to the end of the day had become a challenge. I joined Yoga for one month and fell in love with it. Our practice consisted of pranayama and meditative practices along with the asana practice. And, I met the right people who helped me in the healing process. Simple things like gratitude, affirmations, visualisation and breathing exercises became a part of my day. 

With the consistency of these practices, one day I woke up feeling lighter and better...

Sophia: What inspired you to start Satori?

Iti: I was bursting with ideas for yoga content, classes and mental health awareness workshops. I wanted to expand my horizon and share yoga and other practices that helped me become healthy inside-out. Satori has always been my dream and post the lockdown, I realised how precious time is… June, 2022 was when this dream came true.

Sophia: How do you find a healthy balance of being an entrepreneur and a spiritual aspirant?

Iti: I’m a spiritual aspirant first; my yoga journey has always had teachers, peers who loved the essence of yoga. I want to share the essence too, the commercial part is secondary. When I pour all my passion and good intention into the craft, I keep getting work that aligns with me. Though, as an entrepreneur, I’ve realised it’s all trial and error. As in, what works, how to market your classes, the temptation of doing any and all yoga work; I am still finding the balance..

Sophia: Who are your spiritual inspirations?

Iti: I’m inspired by my yoga teachers and energy workers. They made me realise that the body, breath and energy are linked. And it is REAL!

Sophia: You teach yoga in an urban set-up. How is yoga adapted to become a daily practice for busy people and house holders? 

Iti: Today, yoga is relevant more than ever. We live in auto mode, stressed and popping pills like they are treats. There are so many yoga styles; people just need to find theirs. The aim is to quieten their mind and make their body healthy inside and out. They can start three times a week and then take it as they please.

Sophia: What are some of your favourite books on spirituality?

Iti: These books have been a catalyst in my life:

  1. Autobiography of a Yoga, Paramahansa Yogananda
  2. Wherever you go, there you are: Jon Kabat Zinn
  3. The monk who sold his ferrari: Robin Sharma
  4. The Forty Rules of love: Elif Shakak

Sophia: How has yoga transformed you?

Iti: I’ve become a better human being. I’m stronger, more resilient and trying to be kinder every single day. More importantly, I’ve started living in the present... Life is better, thanks to my yoga practice. 

Sophia: Any advice to young students who want to pursue a career as yoga teachers?

Iti: I don’t have any wise words for them. I just wish them all the best and please do justice to the craft of teaching yoga.

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