Day 12 Session 01: A Practical Session On Therapeutic Yoga With Chair by Prabha Krishna

About the Practice

Almost everyone experiences stiff back or end up with some kind of back/neck conditions due to wrong postures,lack of minerals in the diet , improper lifestyle or the wrong choice of exercise.
Join in this " Therapeutic Chair yoga session " where you would be guided on simple mindful stretches which would help in relieving as well as to strengthen the strained muscles/ligaments . "One size fits all approach" cannot be taken for granted in therapeutic yoga sessions. Each stretch can be done with variations to suit the anatomical
structure as well as the present condition of the participant.

Do keep the following ready for the class : A sturdy dining table chair, folded blankets and wear comfortable
clothes. If you have any persistent back condition you can join and be benefited too.

About the Presenter

Prabha Krishna connected to Yoga, where she saw people healed by Yoga and not by medicines. Her interest was further kindled by Raghuramji’s lectures. Almost immediately, she found her calling and passion in life and has committed the rest of her life to spreading Yogic awareness and knowledge to heal, nurture and enrich lives. She is now the Secretary, Chief Yoga therapist and Lifestyle consultant of Yogabharati ,India and has uplifted the India chapter of Yogabharati to great heights.She has formed a great team of teachers and is also the senior Faculty for all the courses offered by Yogabharati. She has established several centers of Yogabahrati, conducted mass events workshops, training courses across Bangalore. She has also established a consulting practice where she interacts with several participants and designs integrated lifestyle programs that combine Yoga, Diet and Nutrition.