Day 16 Session 03: A Talk On Generic Yoga Therapy: Beyond Gurus And Styles by Naveen K Visweswaraiah

About the Talk

Yoga is explored largely for wellness and Health. In recent decades, therapeutic benefits of yoga has taken the centre stage. Therefore there is a chaos in the field of yoga therapy and consequently a great deal of confusion in the minds of seekers/patients about the suitable style of yoga therapy for various categories of diseases. This central question needs to be answered. The scientific approach has lead to the idea of 'Generic Yoga' as the answer to evolve and practice rational-evidence based yoga therapy.

About the Speaker

Naveen K Visweswaraiah is a Fulbright Scholar and the senior most qualified Yoga & Naturopathy Physician and has a doctorate in Psychophysiology of Yoga. Dr Visweswaraiah has served SVYASA from 1994 till 2015 in various research capacities and has received DSc for yoga research in 2016. Currently, Dr Visweswaraiah is the International Research Leadership Fellow at the Australian Research Council for Complementary and Integrative Medicine [ARCCIM] and a visiting Professor at the Faculty of Health, University of Technology, Sydney.
Dr Visweswaraiah is the Founder & the National President of the Indian Naturopathy & Yoga Graduates Medical Association [INYGMA], India.