Day 19 Session 02: A Talk On Wellness 9 by Bina Mirchandani

About the Talk

This presentation seeks to give an overview of Wellness in 9 dimensions of our lives and the importance of a finding a suitable personal balance of these dimensions for our well-being.

About the Speaker

With a rich industry experience of over 40 years in brand and retail strategy, combined with 25 years of study in spiritual teachings in learning to live life to its fullest, Bina is able to bring a unique perspective to the life issues of today.
A graduate from the Jamanalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies in 1977, Bina has worked in the industry in strategic roles with corporate such as Future Group, Reliance and Arvind to name a few.
During her career, she noticed a shift in the workplace. A new “Young and Dynamic India” dominated the workplace and she sensed in them a strong need for understanding principles by which they could live a happier, more productive life. Also, rapid changes in the marketplace was forcing industry to work faster and more efficiently, bringing tremendous stress in its wake.
With the knowledge and experience gained over the years on this subject, she felt it was time to spread the knowledge on how best to live a happy, healthy life and achieve success, and launched the “Happiness Differential” program.

Bina also serves on the board of “The School of Ancient Wisdom” in Bangalore, and has conducted several programs with companies and various social groups.
She is also strategically involved and is Chief Faculty at a new wellness company called Rtambhara Wellness Pvt ltd.

Indica Yoga is proud to have partnered with Rtambhara Wellness to bring out this edition of Global Festival of Yoga, 2020.