Day 21 Session 01: Mindfulness Using the Principle of Reciprocal Inhibition during Asana Practice By Vijay Dhruve

About the Practice Session

One of the Key Elements of Yoga practice is Mindfulness. This can be brought about in various ways. For this session I will use the practice of Reciprocal Inhibition in Asana Practice to bring in the quality of Mindfulness.

About the Speaker

Vijay Dhruve is a certified yoga teacher and therapist. Under Yoga Alliance he conducts 200 hours Yoga Teachers Certification Programs. He conducts group classes at reputed clubs of Bangalore. He also does one-on-one sessions for people recommended to him by medical doctors. Under the banner of 'PAUSE RETREATS', he conducts workshops during weekends at a Homestay in Kolar.

Apart from this Vijay has a 2nd degree Black Belt in Karate.