Day 21 Session 02: Nada Yoga and Sound Well-Being By Aurelio & Team

About the Experiential Session

This session will include Opening a listening space, Deepening receptive awareness, Breathing and Toning, Reflecting on the experience, Sound practices for Daily Sadhana and Sonic applications in the Wellness field. This session will be lead by Team Svaram

About the Sonic Explorers


Aurelio is the creative director of SVARAM, is a musician, educator, ethno-musicologist, researcher, sound designer and sound healer. Through his extensive travels and studies all around the world, Aurelio has become a noted pioneer in the development and manufacture of innovative musical instruments, whether it be simple inviting ones for beginners, or instruments specially designed for use in sound healing.

Joseph Schmidlin

A classical Osteopath with over 25 years of training, teaching and practice in the field of energy medicine. Also, an advanced practitioner of cranial-sacral therapy and working at the cutting edge of sound healing therapeutics and research.

Varun Rao

Musician and composer, exploring sonic art and soundscaping in the therapeutic context of sound and wellness. Also, practicing therapeutic work using sound and facilitating music and sound experience workshops.

Anushka Gunputh

Exploring sound in a therapeutic context, professional singer and trained Nada Yoga practitioner. Specializing in vocal improvisation and currently researching universal chants and facilitating music and sound experience workshops.