Day 26 Session 03: Khecari Mudra: When the Divine Goddess Takes Off in the Inner Space by Yogi Maheshwara

About the Session

Yogi Maheshwara will share part of his experience of Khecari Mudra, a hatha yoga technique which is very well documented but poorly known nowadays in its advanced form. On the physical level, it consists of inserting the tongue, which has been freed from her frenum, above the soft palate, along the septum nasal, entering the nasal cavities. This enables to establish a junction between the inferior and superior part of sushumna nadi, to catch amrita before it falls down in manipura, and much more. For more details please refer to the book and a paper by Yogi Maheshwar which can be found at:

About Yogi Maheshwara

Yogi Maheshwara, with his PhD in Astrophysics, is a Hatha/Bhakti yogi He received the initiations from different traditional yogic lineages, intuitively, from the inner Guru. He shares part of his experiences in a booklet and a series of papers which have been illustrated and translated in English and can be freely downloaded: is currently overseeing the development of a small ashram in South of France, Provence, dedicated to celebration, where he offers yoga retreats/ceremonies occasionally.