Day 27 Session 03: Sree Chakra: Its Practical Applications by Geza Timcak

About the talk

The Sree chakra sadhana is usually conceived as a path of offerings and pujas. Nevertheless, there is a way, where it can be used as a path to understand our ahamkara and its contents, so that we can dissociate from those, which serve as an obstacle to reaching beyond ahamkara. The session is formalized into 20 minutes long units that employs asanas, mudras, pranayama and meditation plus the bija mantras for every level of Sree chakra form.


About Geza Timcak

Geza Timcak is a retired Professor at the Technical University, yoga practitioner since 1958, chairman of Association for the Advancement of Yoga in Kosice, President of the Slovak Yoga Association, founding member of the Savita Yoga International, Honorary member of the European Union of Yoga and Co-founder of the Spirituality Studies Journal. He is also the author of more than 100 papers on yoga, author of a dozen of yoga books.