Day 28 Session 01: Yoga in the Context of an Ongoing Evolution of Consciousness by Matthijs Cornelissen

About the Session

What is the future of yoga? Have the aims been established and the methods been found? Is to follow the ancient paths all that is left for each one of us to accomplish? Or are there still greater heights to be scaled? Humanity is going through an unprecedented outer and inner change. Where could it be heading? What role is there for yoga in this radically new phase of our collective "adventure of consciousness and joy"? This session led by Dr. Matthijs Cornelisen will explore these pertinent questions.

About the Presenter

After completing his medical education in Amsterdam, Matthijs settled in India in 1977. He is deeply interested in the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and how it can transform us both individually and collectively. At present he is trying to help with the creation of a radically new foundation for psychology, based on Sri Aurobindo's Vedic vision of a still ongoing evolution of consciousness.