Day 28 Session 02: Satipatthana Meditation as an Opportunity for Santosha by Melinda Foldine Irtl

About the Session

Satipatthana (mindfulness) is one of the most fundamental and profound meditation practice, taught by Sakyamuni Buddha more than 2500 years ago. The systematic way to develop awareness and non judgment  could support our physical, mental, emotional health. Besides, it could change our repulsive attitude towards demanding or challenging situations and brings acceptance and understanding.

Human life that is so precious provides us with this unique opportunity to accept and understand what reality is. This clear insight, that emerges from the vision of reality, leads us to experience contentment (santosha) in our day-to-day life and opening pathways to cherish joy, bliss and happiness.


About Melinda Földiné Irtl

Melinda with Msc in Yogic Science and an MA in Buddhist Dharma Teaching she is presently the Doctoral Candidate of History of Pedagogy ELTE University. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Dharma Gate Buddhist College, Budapest,Hungary. She has also been involved in many social activities such as prison activity, old age home yoga etc. for  last 20 years.