Day 28 Session 03: 7-Layer Therapy: A Holistic Approach to Life-Long Well-Being by Ravi Mantha

About the talk

7-Layer Therapy, a system of holistic healing that looks at all the seven layers of health to find the root cause of illnesses. Through awareness and implementation of a simple regime that improves all these layers, one can prevent lifestyle diseases as well as make the mind and body resilient and improve immune health.

About Ravi Mantha

Ravi is a holistic health healer. He works with clients in wellness and health through his expertise in neurophysiology and curing chronic pain, nutrition, microbiome, exercise science, emotional release therapy, spiritual awakenings, and consciousness.

A highly engaging speaker, he has spoken at several TedX events around the world.

His first book on health, “All About Bacteria”, was published by HarperCollins in 2012 and was the first to talk about the positive role of bacteria in the human body. His second book on health, “The Baby Elephant Diet: A Modern Indian Guide to Eating Right”, has been published by Rupa in September 2015, and talks about the right way to approach nutrition and health.

Ravi is also an organic farmer and the founder of Sage Organics in Hyderabad, as well as a startup investor with 26 startup investments. He serves on several corporate boards.

He holds a B.A in liberal arts from the University of Puget Sound in Washington State.