Day 30 Session 02: The Way To Practise Everywhere / Pratiquer Le Yoga Partout (FR/EN) By Ben Viatte

About the Practice Session

Discover the simple technique that allows Ben to walk 100 km without rest. We all know how yoga asanas and meditation practice greatly enhance our lives. But if we want to have access to their healing qualities in every situation, we shouldn't be limited to a clean space and a yoga mat. We should be able to practice absolutely everywhere.

Through this lesson, Ben will help us create our own Everywhere Routine. Learn to get through a hard day's work without an ache or pain, or cross a desert in a month.

About the Presenter

Ben Viatte is a pilgrim on a spiritual journey from Europe to the Indian Himalayas. After 4 year's walk he is nearly there in the Indian State of Punjab, just at the border of Himachal Pradesh and the beginning of the Himalayas. |He works online to finance the trip and use Yoga, Taichi, and meditation to stay alive through the physical and mental challenges of such a journey.