Day 31 Session 01: Music & Consciousness by Ladislav Brozman

About the Session

European culture gave me my professional knowledge to become a classical violinist, which put order to my outer workings. It is India that gave me the understanding of what is involved in invisible terms of what we understand under the term universal consciousness that put order to the inner action. The two together were necessary to form that which I can share and do as a teacher in the ashram school. These two realities become one in action and by means of knowledge and an inner opening to higher realities let us enter into the mystery of creation and creativity.

Music in this sense is a mantra constantly giving the whole self to the Creating Consciousness in order to make possible a path of that Consciousness to express itself through the individual. This session is an exploration of the relationship between music and the movements of Consciousness.

About the Presenter

Ladislav Brozman was born in former Czechoslovakia and started learning Violin at a tender age of seven was trained under some of the best violinist like Josef Kromer, Andre Jacot & Andre Lutschg. He did his Bachelors and Masters in the Conservatory of Zurich, Switzerland, in teaching and performing violin and viola after which he taught at the Music School in Baden, Aarau, for several years. He is widely a acclaimed vilonist who has played regularly chamber music in several foundations and also given many concerts. His repertory comprises all the sonatas, solo sonatas and concertos by Bach and Vivaldi, besides violin works by Mozart, Beethoven, Tartini, Brahms, Saint Sakns, Debussy, Ravel and Prokofjeff. In 2002 he toured India and Europe with Swiss piano virtuoso Christina Zulauf.

Parrel to his passion for music, both he and his wife Lina have a deep love for India and her philosophy. Attracted by the Integral Yoga Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, they eventually came to Puducherry and settled down there with their family. Presently he is a Violinist & Music Teacher at the SriAurobindo International Centre of Education, Puducherry, and is dedicated to exploring the relationship of music with the movements of consciousness.