Day 31 Session 02: Subtle Details in Practice of Yogasana by Chirayu Thakkar

About the Practice Session

First half of this session explores precise use of anatomy to explore the possibilities of physical movement. The second part on the contrary is dedicated to holds. Movement and stagnation when juxtaposed, create an immense internal balance. We encourage all audience to actively participate in the session and join the conversation after.

About the Speaker

Dr. Chirayu Thakkar is a Holistic Physician based in Los Angeles. Originally from India - born & educated there, he amalgamates the best of the east and the west. Drawing upon 15 years of clinical practice in four continents, he recognizes the impact of mental, social, economical and emotional states on our health and well-being. He draws great wisdom from ancient sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda and TCM-Acupuncture to address a multitude of physical and non-physical challenges that the modern day presents. His use of evidence based traditional medicine hand in hand with conventional medicine delivers profound results. He provides a platform to make mind-body medicine accessible and understandable using methods best described as educating and empowering. His approach varying from one-on-one consultations to workshops, courses and retreats all cede in lasting positive impact. His positivity certainly is contagious.