Day 32 Session 01: Yin Yoga to Open the Heart by Lakshya

About the Practice Session

Yin Yoga is a slow calming practice that leaves you feeling completely relaxed, both physically and mentally. This session will focus on heart opening poses, and is a great way to release anxiety and worries.

About the Presenter

Lakshya is a yoga teacher who is inspired by Vedic wisdom and conscious living. She brings these elements into her classes, along with a sense of gentleness and room for exploration.

Lakshya (Elouise) is a Hatha,Yin and Prenatal Yoga Teacher. SheorganizesYoga Retreatsin beautiful and unique place around the world,and also sharesVedic wisdom, Sanskrit andChanting.Her aim is to provide support and guidance in all aspects of Yoga, bridging Eastern knowledge and the Western way of life.?

Lakshya completed her first yoga teachertrainingwith Sivananda in 2010. Thereaftershestudied Vedanta & Sanskrit withher Guru, Swami Dayananda Saraswatiji, for three years at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Coimbatore. Since then, Lakshya attendsyoga &vedantacourses every year as part of her own sadhana. She has taught at the Barcelona Yoga Conference, the Vedic Wisdom Festival in Mumbai, and has her own Yoga series on Tata Sky TV.

Lakshya originally comes from Holland, but has spent her life living across the globe and found her home in India, where she has been living since 2010. She also regularly visits her other home, Dubai, for classes & workshops.To know more about her, please