Day 32 Session 02: Connect Within: Experimenting with: Voice, Breath & Movements By Circé Luginbuhl

About the Session

In this session we will explore breathing, movements, different sounds, vocal exercises and singing in order to feel our inner state and give time and space to whatever wants to manifest or express itself from within through our Voice. It will then be clear, how yoga can improve breath, posture, physical strength, concentration, connecting within in order to have a clear, precise, strong and assertive voice.

About the Speaker

Circé is a Swiss Singer and singing teacher authorized by the Complete Vocal Institute or Copenhagen, Denmark. She is specialized in Folk and pop music, and has performed live and has recorded two albums. She also practiced classical music for many years as well as different forms of world music (Corisican, Gospel, Indian classical, mantras...). She also has a BA In Philosophy, practices as an eternal student : Yoga, Vipassana and various meditation methods as well as Mindfulness. She has studied different forms of communication tools and therapy such as Ro-Hun, Non violent communication, Tipi, Somatic Experiencing (for trauma). She lived in Auroville as a child from 6-10 and this has forged a strong connection to India, Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s work and Integral Yoga.