Day 34 Session 01: Krida Yoga – Bring out the child in you! by Subbu Bhaiya

About the Practice Session

Today's children are smarter yet hyper in nature. The generation of young parents and teachers face challenges in improving concentration and other cognitive faculties of kids. The  modern  education system is lacking an integrative  approach towards   holistic  personality development of these budding stars.  Yoga with its multifaceted  dimensions offer solutions to these challenges.  Introducing Yoga to children at an early age can also help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation for a fit future.  While it is a joy to teach Yoga to kids, it will add more joy if the methodology is creative and fun based! "Krida Yoga" is a 'play way method' of teaching Yoga with  games, memory songs, dance and other team building activities. Of course, there is a child in each one of us, and hence "Krida Yoga" can be practiced and benefited by people of all ages as well. 

About the Presenter

Sri Subbu Bhaiya (Dr Subramanian Ananda Venkata) is currently the Director of Adhyatma Yoga Academy at Bangalore. He gave up his engineering profession to take up full time Spiritual Sadhana since 2004. He has his Masters Degree in Yoga from S-VYASA and Doctoral Study on "Yogic Contributions of Spiritual Masters of the Bhakti Movement" from Hindu University of America, Florida. Subbu Bhaiya is a disciple of Swami Atmasthananda ji Maharaj of Ramakrishna order and Mahatma Krishnapremi Maharaj in Bhakti tradition and a direct disciple of Padmashri Dr H R Nagendra Guruji in Yoga. He had been travelling widely inspiring and guiding people in the path through workshops, retreats and yatras. He has trained thousands of Yoga Teachers and is part of various academic bodies & Universities connected to Yoga. His initiatives includes Yoga Mitra - a collective platform for Yoga teachers to involve in social works. His online talk show "Kaapi with YOGi" is a popular series bringing out the best of Yogic Stalwarts.