Day 37 Session 01: From Movement of Body & Breath to the Non-movement of Mind by Zoltan Cser

About theSession

We are following one of the most effective Buddhist way of entering meditation, through movement of the body attaining the proper position, called the Seven point posture of Vairochana. Then through proper breathing methods attaining the balance of the breath, and proper way of directing our senses we attain the balance of the mind, the non-movement of the mind. This process is quite similar to the way how it is described in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

About the Speaker

Zoltan Cser started Buddhism more than 30 years ago. Being monk for some years and spending time in retreats gave some base for understanding the importance of proper practice for body, breathing and mind. For 8 years he worked as the vice rector of Dharmagate Buddhist College, the only accreditated Buddhist Institute in Europe. With many years of practice in a Chan/Zen Community, for the past 15 years he has been student in the International Dzogchen Community, becoming Vajradance, and Yantra Yoga instructor. Now he is teacher at the Buddhist College.