Day 40 Session 02: Use of Meditation & Yoga with Psychiatric or Psycho-pathological Patients by Jacques Vigne

About the Session

In the tradition, the shishya, disciples should be adhikari, ready, in order to receive deep teachings of meditation by their master. Nevertheless, in the modern world, it appears through many studies that disorders like anxiety and depression could be improved by simple meditation and concentration techniques.
In this session, Dr. Jacque Vigne will elaborate on this and develop the new combination of mindfulness based meditation and cognitive therapy to treat much more types of disturbances, like obsessive compulsive disorders or food related disorders.

About the Presenter

Dr Jacques Vigne was trained as a psychiatrist in Paris and then left for India where he spent most of his time for about 30 years. He has written 17 books whose thread is spiritual psychology, comparative mysticism and the link between meditation, psychotherapy and neurosciences.
He is currently in a tour of meditation seminars and lectures in France and around. His main references in meditation are Rajayoga, Vedanta and Buddhism..