Mirabelle D’Cunha Sivajyoti

Mirabelle D’Cunha supports committed yoga lovers to savour the luxury of inner experience and find purpose, pleasure and joy in life through breath. She provides a loving space for them to unplug from urgency, into deep trust and allowing. Her signature offerings are Sadhana Club - an online sanctuary that brings grace, clarity, and community to yoga teachers and practitioners - as well as her Breathe into a Radiant You private mentoring program for healing through breath. She also hosted the world's 1st Bhakti Yoga Summit in 2020 and 1st Ever Pranayama Summit in 2021 which was endorsed by The Chopra Foundation. Mirabelle is in an intimate relationship with yoga as a breath-ing experience . She has studied with swamis (monks) and teachers from the Sivananda Saraswati lineage and at Mumbai University. Mirabelle has taught at yoga ashrams and studios in India, the USA, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands and is a guest teacher on yoga teacher training on pranayama, bhakti yoga, and the deeper nuances of yoga as a living practice. She has been a speaker and panelist and teacher for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Programs. Whether in an individual or group session, corporate or yoga teacher training space, gentle allowing, compassion and intimacy with breath are at the heart of how Mirabelle approaches all of her work in this world.

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