Invitation to Yoga Authors to Write for Indica Yoga

Indica Yoga, a platform of Indic Academy ( with its headquarters in India, aspires to spread awareness about the deeper psychological, spiritual and life-transforming aspects of the Yoga traditions. In addition to creating and curating authentic, immersive & transformative yoga experiences across the world (more details at:, Indica Yoga is now publishing scholarly articles, guided practice, self-reports and transformation stories.

If you are a Yoga teacher, scholar, enthusiast, author, writer or a scribe! This invitation is for you to contribute and share your thoughts, learnings and insights by writing articles related to Yoga Philosophy, Psychology, and Practice both from scholarly as well as experiential perspectives.

Selected articles will be published on the Indica Yoga website, under the webpage ‘INSIGHT’. They will also be made available on all our social media platforms including the weekly Newsletter that reaches thousands of our friends across the world.

Come, join us in this Yoga of Knowledge sharing.

Please send your profile and picture along with the articles to: