Two Short Term Research Fellowships on Yoga

Indic Academy (Indica Yoga) had invited applications for Short Term Research Fellowship on Yoga to study the academic and experiential learning landscape in the field of Yoga in the month of August 2020. The study intended to cove the horizon of Yoga programmes that are being offered by various academic/ semi-academic institutions and universities across the world. This would include courses and programmes that are available both online and in person training modules.

In addition to the academic programmes, the study would be examining the teacher training programmes and therapy certificate courses available in the market and the competen/professional bodies that certify these programmes and courses. Furthermore, the study would also look into various online repositories, platforms, aggregators etc. that offer courses and certifications in the field of Yoga. In summary, the study intends to arrive at a detailed mapping of all courses and training programmes available on Yoga in varied formats and modes.

We are happy to share we received an encouraging number of applications out of which the following two fellowships have been awarded after due selection process.

Mrs Auroshikha Rath

Auroshikha Rath is a seasoned wellness practitioner with a background in classical dance and over a decade of practicing, studying and teaching Yoga trained in the Shivananda Yoga Vedanta tradition. Her current interests lie in pursuing dance and propagating the deep-seated ancient knowledge of the Vedas through practice of yoga and vedantic philosophy. She also holds a Master’s degree from Leeds Business School, UK and is an upcoming author. She will be exploring the teacher training programmes, Continuous Education programmes, their course content, structure etc. along with a study of the certifying and professional bodies in Yoga across the world.

Mrs. Varalakshmi Venkatapathy

Varalakshmi is a Transdisciplinary researcher in Indic Health systems, Public policy analyst in the area of health & tech. She is pursuing her MSc Yoga from SVYASA, Bangalore. Mrs Varalakshmi will be exploring the academic programmes, certifications, degrees and diplomas in the field of Yoga offered by academic institutions across the world along with their course content, structure etc.

The Fellowship will be for a duration of two months starting from December, 2020.