Webinar on Health & Well-Being: Yogic Perspectives

Health & Well-Being: Yogic Perspectives

Yoga explains health as being close to one's own nature. Any departure from this state is illness. This talk explores the contour of health and illness, also highlighting the principles and practices of restoring health and well-being from Yogic perspective.

About Raghuram ji

Yogashree N.V. Raghuram, has been a student of yoga and spirituality from his younger days. Ever since he has devoted his life to a cause he strongly believes in the spread of holistic approach to yoga and spiritual knowledge all over the world.
As an international ambassador for SVYASA Raghuram ji has been traveling the globe for past 3 decades guiding seekers and researchers in the field of yoga. Widely popular among his students, he is known for his wit, wisdom and generosity in his teachings. He is also the founder and visionary for the Yoga Bharati.