Kavita Srinivasan

Kavita is a Conscious Parenting Coach. She specifically focuses on healing childhood trauma. Formerly the Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Middle East and HELLO! Indo-Arabia, she resigned from her career three years after her son was born. Deeply traumatised by the trials of parenting, she questioned why she found impossible what others seemingly did effortlessly. Or that is what it looked like to the world. Years of therapy and excavation led nowhere till she discovered Dr Shefali Tsabary, Oprah’s go-to for parenting. Dr Shefali said what no one had – we find it hard to parent when we don’t receive nurture as a child.

And it all made sense. Kavita’s mother has been mentally ill all her life. Being Indian, no one addressed it and no one helped her. Nurture was in short supply. After studying under Dr Shefali to be a Conscious Parenting Coach in 2020, Kavita will be starting her MA and PhD in East West Psychology in the California Institute of Integral Studies. It is her deepest intention to help parents the way no one helped hers. It is her purpose and drive to heal Childhood Trauma so we can parent our children the way every child deserves – with unconditional love, acceptance and nurture.

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