Krishnaphani Kesiraju

Krishnaphani Kesiraju is a mechanical engineering graduate, with professional qualifications in Management and Law. He has more than forty-one years of experience in industry and academia.

Currently he runs his own consulting and trading businesses. Study and research in Ancient Indian philosophical and spiritual literature is his passion. He is engaged in synthesizing ancient and modern thought on deeper aspects of life and its purpose. He is a keen student of Vedanta, Theosophy and Jiddu Krishnamurti's teachings. Krishnaphani is an invited speaker at various management and spiritual forums.

Krishnaphani Kesiraju is the Program Director at Rtambhara and the enabler for the spiritual and transcendental dimensions of holistic well-being at Rtambhara through contemporary interpretation of the content of ancient Indian Spiritual literature to make it contextual to today's living. He is instrumental in coordinating and creating the content and form of the courses offered by Rtambhara.

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