Leigh Khoo

Leigh is the founder of Living Yoga with Leigh, which leads retreats, teacher trainings and immersions in Singapore and around the world. She has been teaching Yoga for almost 10 years, and along the way, learned to understand and, more importantly, respect anatomical differences. Because of that, she believes in creating safe spaces that empower practitioners to step into their intuitive wisdom and practise according to their inner alignment — asanas that look right on the outside may not necessarily feel so within. Having been healed by an Ayurvedic doctor when she was a sickly child, Leigh is deeply influenced by the teachings of Ayurveda, as well as by her ongoing studies with Nitya Mohan, whose father A.G. Mohan is a long-time student of revered Ayurvedic healer and yoga master Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. Her classes are embodied, intuitive and poetic, and a reflection of her life on and off the mat. She sees life to be the greatest teacher, with every moment serving as an opportunity to connect to our highest selves, and to live with intention, compassion and integrity.

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